East Coast Precision was initially put together to provide dancers from around Australia with the opportunity to collaborate and put something on the dance floor as a group. We learnt our first routine and performed together at the Australian Clogging Association National Convention in Queanbeyan, 2013.

Following this performance, we have organised clogging workshops, currently based in Canberra, for dancers to come together and push their clogging skill levels. Dancers are encouraged to work towards increasing step technique as well as developing their own choreography and having the chance to either teach or showcase it as part of the team.

We have since performed routines at Darwin(2014), Gosford(2015), Perth (2016) and Melbourne (2017) conventions and have been able to hold workshops every year. We look forward to continuing these workshops, encouraging all ages to push themselves and grow as dancers.......while having a lot of fun along the way!


Our first Brisbane based classes started at the Burnie Brae Center in March 2017. We now offer classes in Kenmore and Fig Tree Pocket as well. 

East Coast Precision will always be an evolving team, hoping to bring something new to what we do, whether it be steps, energy or intent in what we perform!



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