2020 ECP Apparel 

Its time for another one of our ECP designs! 2020 was always going to be a year that we release another one but who knew that the year would turn out to be as memorable as this. 

We have been fortunate to have been able to continue dancing through the COVID-19 pandemic. ECP Goes Live has kept us in touch with our clogging family and has provided us with some great memories during this challenging time. 

So it is fitting that our 2020 design is one that we can all wear to remind us all of the time that we danced alone at home, but together with the ECP Goes Live group.

We ordered just a few items to check on the print

but we will be ordering hoodies, short and long

sleeved T shirts and tanks. Check out the photos

below for the tanks and long sleeved T shirt and

then head over to the Online Store page for the 

various options available.