For our newer cloggers, the syllabus is a compilation of the cue sheets to all the routines that are taught at a clogging event. It also includes the timetable of workshops, social dance programs and other little points of interest. 

Dinner & SOCIAL

Good Friends, Good Food and Good Times!


We'll all be ready to sit down and relax a little. This is what we have planned for dinner and as a special treat,  we'll have the Mullet Gut String Band playing then too!

These ladies and gents will be joining Aussie Clog 2018 to entertain us during the dinner portion of our Saturday night which will then take us into the Social Dancing for the evening!

This quartet comes from Redcliffe. They have performed at many local festivals, fetes and fundraisers. They have a great range of music from traditional bluegrass to Australian ballads and country tunes (and a few tunes that we already know some routines too!).

We are excited to bring the live music aspect to cloggers! I'm sure it will be an great evening of fun and socialising amongst friends old and new!

For the social, we will be bringing out some old favourites as well as some of the current favourites from the 2018 ACA dancelist. If you would like a reminder of some of the older routines, head to our YouTube channel

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