ECP's Clogging Visit to Malaysia

In September 2016, ECP had the opportunity to conduct several Introductory Clogging Workshops in Malaysia.


We arrived at 4.30am on a Thursday and the first workshop was scheduled for 2pm that afternoon. It was held at Aswara (The National Academy of Arts and Heritage) in Kuala Lumpur. There were around 30 participants who were a mix of 3rd year dance students as well as members of the Aswara Dance Company.

The workshop covered basic beginner steps as well as an introduction to some buck steps. To finish off, we taught them the partner sequence from The Fighter. The energy that these dancers brought to the workshop was out of this world! Check out this video - you can hear the speed increasing and their energy levels increasing too!

Shirley's Studio in Ipoh

After a day of sight seeing, we travelled two hours north from Kuala Lumpur to the city of Ipoh. There has been a small group of cloggers in Ipoh for about 10 years and they have done an awesome job keeping clogging going with minimal support. 

The response to the Introductory Workshop was good with around 40 participants. From this new group of enthusiasts, Shirley has started a second weekly clogging class! 

JNS Linedancers in Bukit Mertajam

Bukit Mertajam is about 90 mins north of Ipoh. The final Introductory workshop was held at 8am at an covered area in a park. It rained heavily that morning yet another 40-50 people turned up for the session. They do a mixture of Zumba and Line dancing and were very keen to get started on some clogging. 

We had a very interesting trip through these three locations and really enjoyed meeting many enthusiastic dancers. Everyone 

seemed to be so curious and interested about clogging. We hope to provide online support to the dancers there for now and maybe return again soon for more workshops.