Youth Workshop Demo ACA Convention 2019

Senorita ACA Convention 2019

Ekka 2019

Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms

BBDF at Southbank 2019

Ekka 2018

We Are Tonight - BBDF 2018 at Southbank

Fireball - BBDF 2018 at Southbank

FUNdamentals - BBDF 2018 at Southbank

Storm King 2018 - Edge Of The Night

Storm King 2018 - Good Time Good Life

Hindsight 2017

White XMas Party 2017 at Burnie Brae

Halloween 2017 at Burnie Brae

CLOGTOBER 2017 (Adelaide) - The Figher (Intermediate)

22nd ACA National Convention August 2017

- How Far I'll Go (Advanced)

22nd ACA National Convention August 2017

- Rise & Shine 

SOS Ball, April 2017, Sydney

Storm King 2017 - Jackson (Intermediate Plus)

Hindsight 2016

2016 was definitely eventful! We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to share clogging with so many people. This recap shows the highlights of the year but there were also so many little day-to-day things that happened that contributed to these experiences.

21st ACA National Convention October 2016

'I Don't Dance' (Advanced)

This choreography challenged us immensely with new steps and technique through to partner turns and movement on the floor. It may only be a minute and a half long but it has taken many many hours of choreography, contemplation and practice.

At Aussie Clog 29-31 July 2016 - The Figher (Intermediate) and Fire and the Flood (Intermediate)

July 2016 Mid Year Studio Workshop

January 2016 Summer Workshop

Advanced Clogging Workshop in January 2016 where we had cloggers as well as tappers.

Kids Clogging Workshop in January 2016. 

Clogging Music Video - Easy Love (Basic +)

Easy Love is a little project we worked on at our workshop in January 2016. Dancers had the chance to learn this routine across the two days and then join us on the streets of Canberra to see what we could put together.


ACA National Convention, Darwin 2014 - Fake ID (Intermediate)

ACA National Convention, Queanbeyan, 2013

'Beauty and a Beat' demo